You don’t turn down a great job because it requires a corset and you’ve worn one before. I consider each project on individual merit.

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Selena Gomez out in Ischia on July 19, 2014

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nina dobrev for nylon magazine (august 2014).

I write a lot of songs about love and I think that’s because to me love seems like this huge complicated thing. But it seems like every once in a while, two people get it figured out, two people get it right. And so I think the rest of us, we walk around daydreaming about what that might be like. To find that one great love, where all of a sudden everything that seemed to be so complicated, became simple. And everything that used to seem so wrong all of a sudden seemed right because you were with the person who made you feel fearless. ― Taylor Swift

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Elle Fanning in “Bright Young Thing” by Benny Horne for Miss Vogue Australia #1

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